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As part of its Research and Capacity Building Program, the African Water Association is setting up research fellowships for young water and sanitation professionals in West Africa. This program, funded by USAID West Africa through the AfriCap Program (WASH – African Water Association – AfWA – Capacity Building Program –AfriCap), will provide young graduate students at the graduate level (Master II) with research scholarships. Each grant, amounting to $ 1,000, will reward each selected project in accordance with the budget.

Application Process
Candidates for the award of a scholarship shall formulate their research topics in relation to one of the themes proposed in this call for applications. They may also apply with one of the research topics proposed by one of AfWA members. The topics will be available on AfWA’s website. To apply, applicants must meet the following criteria:

•    Be a citizen of a West African country;
•    Have duly registered in their academic institutions;
•    Speak and write fluently in the language used by the academic institution;
•    Have obtained an average greater than or equal to 12/20 or B in Master I;
•    Present an application file including the last diploma, the transcripts of Master 1, the curriculum vitae, three letters of recommendation (one should be from the academic supervisor), the research proposal as specified in section 1.3 above, a letter of motivation and a plan of action for the studies.

Applicants must submit their application electronically simultaneously to the contact person of AfWA in their institution and to the coordination of the program ( and ).

The selected list will be posted on AfWA’s website and each beneficiary will receive an official notification from AfWA.

Deadline for submission
Students wishing to participate in the program are requested to submit their application by March 28, 2017. The date of publication of the list of beneficiaries for the 2016-2017 academic year is April 21, 2017.

Selection Method
A first screening will be carried out by the academic institution. This will enable it to select and transmit the five best applications to AfWA. AfWA’s Selection Committee for the award of scholarships to Young Professionals, on the basis of the applications submitted by the various institutions, will establish the final list of beneficiaries.

 Scoring Criteria for Research Proposals Requested

The table below summarizes the criteria to be used to evaluate the applications.


N.B.: Gender: In case of equality, preference will be given to the female candidate.
List of Research Topics
The topics selected for this scholarship program for the 2016-2017 academic year are as follow:

1.    Non-revenue water
2.    Water quality
3.    Water services provision in low income urban areas
4.    Faecal sludge management
5.    Urban & peri-urban sanitation
6.    Use of ICTs in water and sanitation service provision
Financial Aspect

As part of this scholarship, the maximum amount allocated per beneficiary is 1,000 US Dollars. Sixty per cent (60%) of this amount will be paid to the recipient when the detailed plan of the research project is finalized, approved by the Research Director and received by AfWA’s Research and Capacity Building Program before the deadline. The remaining forty percent (40%) will be paid once the recipient submits the final electronic copy.

Reporting Conditions and Advice

As a condition for awarding the scholarship, students shall be required to prepare mid-term and final progress reports, noting their progress in their studies and research. To the extent possible, students shall identify in which areas their research has contributed or may contribute to the implementation of AfWA’s program and that of the project partner. These reports will be made available to AfWA’s staff, the regional partner staff and the institution of origin of the student.

Download the application form HERE


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